Monday, April 7, 2008

Solar Power

We are told so much junk about everything we are and how things work and our place in the universe. I found these video podcasts about our stuff and consumerism here:

The Story of Stuff Part 1

The Story of Stuff Part 2

It pretty much lays out the lies about so many things we are told and how most of it ties together. I say buy a farm and be self sufficient.

We are constantly being sold that solar power will never be able to provide the energy needed to repace oil. What a racket! Solar power just doesn't work unless you are Las Vegas and you have a desert with tons of sun and space. Then solar power is a very practical way to generate electricity. Look ma no solar cells. Just mirrors used like magnifying glasses to heat water to run a turbine. You know like you used to use to burn ants and start fires when you were a silly little kid!. What a joke our lives have become that special interests come before common sense.

Check out the solar power here:

They call it solar power concentrating.

Here's the results of using solar panels:

Solar panels are much more expensive than just converting that heat into energy. It looks like it is also producing more power, using less space, and doesn't require expensive equipment.

Let's see.

Solar Concentration:
$3 million to generate 64 mega-watts at a cost in pennies per a kilo-watt hour.

Solar Panels
$100 million to generate 15 mega-watts at a cost of 2 dollars and change per a kilo-watt hour.

Guess what. The department of defense created the solar concentration power plant as research. While the Solar panel power plant was created for a military base.

I like this article:
177 mega-watts in one square mile. They call the technology solar thermal.

This is just crazy talk:
Jimmy Stewart & Jean Arthur on Solar Power in You Can't Take it With You

End Diatribe.

Here's some solar resources I found while researching this post. I might play around with one of the kits.

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