Sunday, November 25, 2018

vim you should know

If you use vim you should try these:
Use the file browser for local file management.
:browse e .
Equivalent to command line:
vim .
Use the file browser for remote file management.
:browse e scp://hostname/
Equivalent to command line:
vim scp://hostname/
Use 'view -' instead of 'less' when you want syntax highlighting.
Side by side diff with editing
:e file_v1
:vert diffsplit file_v2
Equivalent to command line:
vimdiff -v file_v1 file_v2

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

The Plant Paradox by Dr Gundry

Dr Gundry the author of the Plant Paradox has added a YouTube channel.

Video from Dr. Gundry that is very approachable and immediately usable food advice

Here is a summary of my understanding of The Plant Paradox by Dr Gundry (Yes, I keep notes and I need to update these. It's very complicated.):

The Plant Paradox is the book I recommend reading

Podcast and Blog

Shopping List on Amazon

Shopping List PDF

Yes and No List

It's a lot of information. Even if you know a lot.  Dr. Gundry takes many chapters to put into perspective the reasons why you want to avoid certain foods..
Dr. Gundry goes off on many worthwhile tangents. I'm down a size from 2XL to XL and 40 waist to 38 from last weekend and that was in 3 or 4 days and it's not even a calorie or portion restriction diet except for the meat and cheese
I don't feel hungry most of the time now. Especially not for the poisonous foods.
The dietary restriction on foods to avoid is a cure all by avoiding the bad and indulging the good. We are all suffering because of all the bad things we eat and popular diets and health recommendations lead us in unscientific tail chasing circles with only partially correct info and loads off bad recommendations.

It is not just sugar. In fact sugar is less bad for you than the fructose found in fruit. The availability of fruit all year round that is picked green before the lectins (poisons) can be removed by the plant make it even worse. The fructose in fruits causes the brain to send out insulin from the taste but the insulin receptors don't recognize the fructose as getting the sugar but not recognize the insulin getting to the fructose and sending out more insulin. This causes more insulin to go out and you to feel hungrier.

1. Sugar in everything you eat satisfies your body before the proteins arrive and your body immediately turns the protein and carbohydrates into sugar and then stores the sugar as fat.
2. Red meat proteins that are similar enough for most of our body to use including lining our blood vessels. The immune system sees these proteins as foreign and attacks the body.. Attacking our blood vessels because it doesn't recognize the protein.
3. Most of the cow milk in the world has the A1 protein. A protein that our bodies find indigestible. A2 protein cow milk and any sheep and goat dairy have the A2 protein and are ok.
4. All legumes are indigestible including cucumbers.
5. All fruit seeds have lectins and are poisonous as are the skins.
6. WGA, wheat germ a gluten is is a lectin that blocks insulin receptors and estrogen receptors permanently while turning on those receptors permanently.
7. Lectins get their poison from bacteria that makes its way in through your gut and creates a leaky gut that allows worse things in. The bacteria makes a home in your body and your immune system kicks in 24/7 causing symptoms that we call diseases. Lupus, autoimmune, parkinson's, heart, allergies, dementia, alzheimer's, rheumatoid arthritis, headaches, etc
8. NSAIDS are poison that make you addicted to the poison
9. Night shades are poisonous. Eggplant, tomatoes.
10. Cashews are poisonous because they are full of lectin proteins even after they are sundried. Don't eat a five pound bag of cashews. You might end up poisoned in the hospital.
11. All grains are poisonous including soy and all the other beans (legumes) including peanuts.
12. If it has seeds it is a fruit don't eat even pickles. All fruits are picked green and don't have a chance to remove the lectins from the fruit when they ripen after being picked.  
13. Don't eat sugar ever. But if you do need a sweetener use lemon juice or lime juice). Sugar is the lesser of the evils between fructose (fruit juice) and any artificial sweeteners including stevia. Better a handful of candy made from sugar not corn syrup which is a fructose than to eat a fake sweetener as the sugar will satisfy your hunger while the others like fruit juice will set you up for insulin problems (diabetes).
14. If the animal was fed grains consider it a grain and don't eat it - grass fed meat only and wild caught  seafood only
15. Liquid coconut oil (MCT/XCT) and avocados have the hormone that lets cells' mitochondria burn fat instead of sugar, ketosis, without having to starve yourself of sugar to start ketosis
16. Green bananas, green plantains, and green papayas are good but not when ripe.
17. Yams and sweet potatoes are good but no potatoes.
18. Avoid sweeteners. They make you feel hungry. It's not sugar but it activates the release of insulin making you hungrier.
19. Cancer can't do ketosis (burn fat). It needs sugar and uses the foreign red meat protein to hide from your immune system.
20. Eat lots of green leafy vegetables. They are a resistant starch that is good for you.
21. Don't eat sushi. Don't eat tuna, salmon, swordfish. They are full of mercury..
22. Avocados, mushrooms, walnuts, macadamia nuts, brazil nuts, pistachio nuts, coconuts, hemp seeds, and almonds are good for you. Avoid most other nuts and seeds.
23. Cassava, yams, and sweet potatoes are good. Potatoes are bad.
24. Only eat sourdough bread and then only to sop up olive oil.
25. 12 to 14 tablespoons of olive oil a day
26. Have a teaspoon of mercury free fish oil before each meal and added over meals
etc, etc

Dr, Gundry explains how you can eat some of the foods on the no list by preparing them (pressure cooking, skinning, deseeding) properly but recommends avoiding them entirely.

It's a lot of info. Read the book - it presents it all and tears down popular diets and explains if they work and what parts work and why. It also explains what to avoid and why and what to eat and why. The book is more avoid and the example meals are in a downloadable PDF. It's not really a diet in the traditional sense. It's more of a handbook. It makes it easy to make the right food choices by eating the lesser of the evils even if you can't get the good stuff.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Understanding Javascript Prototype Inheritence

    MyBaseObj = function(a) {
        this.a = a
    MyObjBase.prototype.aSquared = function() {
        return a ^ 2
    MyObj1 = function(a, b) {, a)
        this.b = b
    MyObj1.prototype = Object.create(MyBaseObj.prototype)
    MyObj1.prototype.constructor = MyObj1
    MyObj2 = function(a, c) {, a)
        this.c = c
    MyObj2.prototype = Object.create(MyBaseObj.prototype)
    MyObj2.prototype.constructor = MyObj2