Friday, March 14, 2008

Jet Contrails being used for Global Cooling

I located the PBS report linked in the title for this post after I read this posting on one of my favorite sci-fi author's blog. He doesn't believe in global warming or at least not in the science used to connect it to CO2 so far.

Although I believe the shrinking of the glaciers are a clear sign the end of the water is nigh upon us. I tend to believe the science hasn't quite modeled the problem in terms of the glaciers.

If the glaciers once covered most of the world during the ice ages then the melt process is just the continuation along those lines. I take it a step further and say the real problem isn't the temperature increase but the disappearing glaciers. It looks like the short term problem of creating drinking water may already be solved by the desalination plants. But the solution to the longer term problem of a coming ice age isn't being addressed and may end up being the easier problem to deal with if our technology keeps advancing at the exponential pace it's on.

Personally I feel we are all being held back simultaneously by not being nomadic and being told the solution to our energy crises is to live in close proximity in cities. How blind do you have to be to not see all the free energy given out by the sun? Don't be fooled. We all know it only takes a magnifying glass or a mirror to release the heat energy at a level that is usable for generating energy.

Updated: 2008-03-14

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