Friday, July 13, 2007

Zero Point Energy AKA Gettting Something for Nothing

Getting more energy out than you put in is a common theme in management. Under pay your workers and get more of their time. Contribute to a politician's campaign and get a contract that only costs you a fraction of a percent of what you donated. I've been thinking of oil and water rights after my last post.

Found those interesting sites in my last post. One of which led me to thinking about trying out Adsense. I ended up stumbling across a video with "secret" techniques and such. And clicked a link to a video that I guess is about the same concept. You should check it out. It's old news from 1995. I've never seen it before. And it's curious how no one talks about it when they talk about hydrogen.

Equinox - It Runs on Water (Free Energy - 1995)

What I would really have liked to have seen is one of those devices powering itself. Take the hot water/steam supersonic pump for example. It could have been split to run part of the steam back to spin the shaft directly or to a turbine to power the motor. Now that would have been some perpetual motion worth seeing. Even feed the steam back into the supersonic pump after passing it through a turbine. If it could keep above 100% output even with a turbine. It would be interesting to see how long it would take a closed loop steam system to explode from the continually increasing pressure from the ever hotter steam.

I have several theories on what's happening. The frequency based ones may be tapping into either an extra energy overlaid/embedded in the electricity. Supposedly there is a medium through which all energy passes. Does AC or DC make a difference? Or is it something inherent to electrons? Sort of like QED(Quantum Electro Dynamics) the Theory of Light. Specifically, the fact that photons are going in every direction at once but the directions at the edge cases are canceling each other out. You can broadcast electricity over a the air at certain frequencies. Maybe electricity from earth's core is operating at these frequencies and only needs a catalyst stream of electricity operating in that frequency range to tap into it. No I'm not joking. It's called the Earth Magnetic field and it's very real. In fact the way the earth spins it might as well be a planet sized turbine.

Another possibility is that the frequency stuff is tapping in the Earth or the Sun's or the black hole at the center of the galaxy's gravitational field. Maybe the research into gravity has it all wrong. Maybe it's all just electrons and the force of nuclear attraction and repulsion. Maybe gravity is just electrons expressing attraction at a different frequency. Meaning that the perpetual and relatively free force that is gravity is just electricity as a frequency that can be brought back into phase by electricity running at a similar frequency.

I have another theory that involves the fact that gravity seems to me to be a force without a cost. Where is the energy for gravity coming from. Energy in is equal to energy out. Does that mean that gravity by it's very nature is using zero point energy? If that's true and it's expression is electrons and it's unlimited then it's just a matter of tapping into it. The Earth already converts the gravitational force of the Sun to a spin which generates the planet sized magnetic field. The Sun is an expression of gravitational energy by the process of it's own formation.

If you forget for a moment everything we've been taught about the scarcity (scare tactic?) of resources and thereby energy one might see all the free and virtually unlimited energy all around.

One day I'm going to stick a waterwheel in a stream and generate my own electricity just for kicks.

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