Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The Amy Fisher Story by Amy Fisher

Excellent, excellent, novel. It's nice to hear the story from the source.

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The Amy Fisher Story

The Diamond Age or A Young Lady's Illustrated Primer by Neal Stephenson

A must read for any scifi aficionado who made the mistake of reading Prey without having read The Diamond Age first. This is the same author of Snow Crash, Zodiac, Crytonomicon, and The Baroque Age series of fictional first person accounts of real history.

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The Diamond Age or A Young Lady's Illustrated Primer

Counting Heads by David Marusek

Nice first scifi novel by David Marusek.  Covers all the bases of the near future. Even an unexpected one of what happens to the little people when the greedy become all powerful resource hogs whose only enemies are other powerful entities working at cross purposes.

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Counting Heads

The Skinner by Neal Asher

Excellent scifi that covers an issue that is only now being imagined in the collective unconscious. Just because you can live forever doesn't necessarily mean you will want to or have the will to after a couple of centuries of life kicking you around. Covers many bases and is an excellent follow up to his first scifi novel.

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Thursday, September 8, 2005


Formulatic horror movie stuff with a worthwhile introduction to nanotechnology for the layman sprinkled liberally throughout. Worth a read just for the basics of nanotechnology wrapped up very nicely in a techno-thriller.For a more entertaining and insightful and intelligent introduction to the potentials of nanotechnology check out "The Diamond Age or A Young Lady's Illustrated Primer"by Neal Stephenson.

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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Tenesse House

Located on the corner of Spring and Wooster in SoHo. This place is great for early to late night hanging out around a dinner table and gorging yourself on drinks and food. The portions are ginormous and greasy so watch out because that the regular size. The next size up on portions is called unbelievable or incredible. Anyway it's good beer and drink and good food. Not the place you want to go on a diet. Especially since they bread and deep fry the crab cakes and give you a choice of vegetarian chili or pulled chicken or pulled pork as a free included toping that comes with your nachos. A little on the expensive side.

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Tenesse House

Thursday, July 7, 2005

The Secret Language of Birthdays

Want to know what makes someone tick? Or maybe you just want to know the personality type of everyone you know without having to ask too many questions. This is the book for you.If you doubt the science just flip to the pages for your birthday to get that creepy feeling like someone's been telling all your secrets and they have gotten in your head.Better to know now if your significant other or friend is predisposed to being a complete lunatic or just a quirky bastard or a weepy tragic mf or like me a success at being who ever I want to be.It would be a big help at the moment if I could figure out who I want to be. A little too much soul searching lately has me making mental downward spirals out of the raison d'ĂȘtre. Sort of like a dog periodically biting the imaginary fleas and occasionally chasing it's tail.

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The Secret Language of Birthdays

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Aggression by Otto F. Kernberg

Quite the eye opener this one is. It's a clinical psychology book that has a chapter on hatred and how narcissists are unable to refrain from hating their significant other and a bunch of other things mean lying cheats do.It even explains why which really angered me. Knowing that liars lie because they are full of anger and take particular pleasure in lying to you makes it unacceptable that I ever let a liar lie to me without letting them know that I think they are a liar.I stumbled across this book while hunting around a Barnes and Nobles trying to find a book that was honest about why cheaters do what they do. Unsurprisingly if they are a narcissist they are just filled with hatred towards their significant other. Which was the title of the second chapter, hatred. It seems you aren't worthy unless they aren't.It is very technical with very big words. For a more easily understandable treatment of the subject search for "aggression" and "narcissistic" on answers.com. The results returned are really from wikipedia.com but I like the extra results answers.com gives. I sure wish I had taken my psychology elective in college now. Apparently this is psychology 101. Could have saved myself a lot of trouble earlier if I'd had more interest in the subject back in school.

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Aggression by Otto F. Kernberg

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Men are from Mars Woman are from Venus

Everyone must read this book. It just makes your life a heck of a lot easier.This book helps people give peace, love, and understanding a chance. Especially in understanding of the communications problem between men and woman. The translations between what men say and women hear and what women say and what men hear alone are worth the price of the book. And that is where the book starts. Although you have to muddle through the first 3 discouraging chapters to get to the translations. After that it is all gravy especially the last few chapters. I am not recommending jumping around in the book though as there is a lot to digest and it is already easy to read and use.You can start using the pearls of wisdom gleaned from this book immediately after reading them because they are presented in a what is said or happening translated to what it means depending on the sex of the speaker and listener. There are recommended correct responses. And concise explanations of why to steer clear of the knee jerk defensive responses we all use. The meaning of the correct and wrong responses obvious and hidden meanings are revealed in simple numbered lists covering the bulk of the classic communications cliches.This is Communications 101 for the betterment of the rest of your life. Learn to understand and successfully navigate situations where you find yourself saying WTF just happened. You too can turn negative comments from your partner into a feel good love fest if you would only read this book! So go ahead and read it already. ;)Guys this books spells out what you are not listening means and exactly how to listen so you can get brownie points.Ladies this book spells out what a man giving you the cold shoulder means and exactly how to respond so you too can get brownie points.Read this book and start using it immediately to make sense of what is unsaid and misconstrued in almost all our communications with each other.

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Men are from Mars Woman are from Venus