Saturday, June 23, 2007

Common Gentoo Problem with Solution

In Gentoo GNU/Linux you usually compile all of your packages. It takes a little time for the little packages and a lot of time for the big ones. Much more time than a simple downloaded binary package on apt and rpm based systems.

This is a good thing. The benefits are customization of every package on the system, less cruft, and a system optimized from top to bottom.

It also results in the problem highlighted above. I recently upgraded my system to the latest profile and emerge -u world. Apparently some of the packages like digikam either haven't been upgraded recently or a package that was depended on by digikam was upgraded more recently.

Either way the way to fix the highlighted problem is to emerge digikam again. That way it will point to the newer libraries it depends on. And probably break anything that depends on digikam's libraries in the process. But that in a nut shell is Gentoo.

Hmm? What's this nfs USE flag that is disabled?

euse -i nfs shows the flag effects a bunch of packages. I'm going to enable it globally because I use nfs automount for file sharing between my Kubuntu, Gentoo, and OS X boxes. The more nfs support the better.

Now I can get back to uploading my albums. :)